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can't actually believe that lesbians on ecstasy will be playing in paris!
the bf and i are headed up to paris that weekend (he's never been)..if you know of any good places to stay for cheap that won't be full would you email me? we had planned on staying with a friend, but it just fell through.


ALSO. were you aware that OMFG le tigre is going to be in paris on the 25th? at the montmartre elysee? hmmm?
where is this place?
email if you know anything.


Well, then we must all go to the Pink and Purple Pop fest together, Zach ;D I'll email you with some accomodation suggestions!

Sadly, I'm going to miss Le Tigre on the 25th, for I will be on a train to Holland.... I saw them last year in Paris and they were GREAT. It was so cute to see all the little french hipsters and riot grrls bopping out and singling "My Metrocard"....


not sure if my email address went through alright. but it should be there now!
ahhh holland. lovely. although prbably still bitterly cold.
the last time i was living over here le tigre decided to visit the city i was living in back in the US, and they have not returned. harumph


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