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the oscars were a disaster. beyonce sang three of the nominated best songs -- three! they had her sing with the boys from "the chorus"! and the phantom of the opera song! and a duet with josh grobin! it was so awful it made you feel like you had a rock in your stomach.

also, chris rock was not funny. hillary swank was not endearing. no one wore anything so bad you had to keep skipping back on your tivo, or so nice that it made you want to be a movie star. i honestly can't think of a single highlight, except maybe the tribute to johnny carson, which was more sad than funny so it doesn't really count.

the whole show was enough to make you want to... move to france! you missed nothing :)

btw, i love the new look.

Auntie M

Although I understand it isn't the same... you can check out www.people.com and www.eonline.com for some of the oscar stuff. I do miss watching the show.


You can go to cbsnews.com to see the coverage US media-dogs style...That's what I did. You might even get a glimpse of Hilary Swanks cheeks!

miss p

i hate to differ with amanda, but:

(a) beyonce looked fabulous, though there wasn't enough exposed thigh for my taste. i particularly enjoyed when she sang the song from "les choiristes" or whatever, in FRENCH. (presumably this is even something you've seen tidbits of on TV5!) i kept yelping, "beyonce -- en francais!" but no one at my oscar party thought this was funny.

(b) chris rock's bush swipe (text version available under the heading "Chris Rock on Bush at the Oscars" at http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A60098-2005Feb28.html ) was about as good as these things get. (not bush swipes, of course, but politics at major awards shows with time-delays imposed.)

(c) also, there was a truly excellent bit rock taped outside of a Magic Johnson Theater, where he asked black moviegoers what their favorite movies of the year were. one guy said "chronicles of riddick"; another said, "alien vs. predator"; a third (and then some) said, "white chicks." (albert brooks later concurred with this last pick.) none of them had seen the oscar nominees. this was an important reminder for the academy about how narrow its tastes and values are, and it was definitely the best commentary about race i've seen at an awards show, ever. i think this segment was panned in the press.


i keep forgetting my identity here!


you were in hautes alpes? you should have stopped into grenoble for an aperitif!


Dear all, thank you for your delicious commentary. I did try to surf the entertainment sites at the local "cybercafe" -- 9 Euros for one (1) hour on one of two pcs -- but nothing compares to personalized snickers. Speaking of race, French TV news reported that Jamie Foxx had won both best actor and Best Supporting Actor. Guess they can't tell him and Morgan Freeman apart. Yeeah.

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