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chic tex

I miss fromage blanc so much! I've been hopelessly looking for an equivalent in the US but couldn't find. Do you know if it exists??


isn't fromage blanc basically plain yoghurt? like, not the creamy dannon stuff, but the straight up plain yoghurts that usually come in the large tubs.

pie, you make even your lazy food sound gourmet. i feel shamed.


Loving the chocolate...thank you so much! I have yet to try them all so I haven't decided on a favorite.

I'm greedily hording them...

thanks again,


Fromage blanc is indeed like plain yogurt, but without all the active cultures that make yogurt a little sour. I think it's really hard to find in the US which is a shame. The closest thing I can think of is Total Greek yogurt, which is thick and not too sour but is still technically yogurt. I like the 2% fat one. Don't get the 0% -- it's not nearly as good!

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