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Congratulations on library school!


Jodie and I have always had a complicated relationship. I can tell that she is jealous as she acts all passive aggressive around me and will chronically freeze or get really slow when I look at her. In reaction to this, I use every occasion I have to make fun of her missing shift key and her generally grungy / grimy look. That said, just to show her that I am an adult and that there are no hard feelings between us (and most importantly because I hate sharing my own computer and I fear that the Pie will demand this as long as Jodie is kaput!), I send her lots of "get well soon" vibes.


Congrats on the school, and best wishes for Jodie (poor thingie).


oh, pie, i'm very sorry to hear about jodie. i know how important she is to you! can't wait to hear the diagnosis and prognosis in french, though.

as i said earlier, ala clue, the pie did it in the library with her big brain!


pie! so v.v.v. sad about the computer...hope she pulls through.

also, which library school? librarians is generally a very sexy position so you'll totally be able to work it.


My little pie,
You're very welcome to use my new very light "Vaio" until Jodie is fixed.
Let me know and I cand send her via FeDex.


i thought librarians would be irrelevant with the rise of the internets and all.


My prayer project has not begun yet, but I do take prayer requests and I will say one for Jodie.

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