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yay! i've been missing your posting!
i've become completely addicted to teevee as well, since this is the first time i've paid money to have tv pumped into my house. however no logog, nor many of the other channels you mentioned as i have a weird digital cable package. harumph!


Nice to hear your voice again. How are things in Brooklyn? Our movers arrive tomorrow, and we'll travel a bit and get back to Bklyn in mid-August. I have mixed feelings about leaving Paris, but at this point I just want the move to be over and to get settled in back home.


had to comment bout ur photos.. they're beautiful!


I kind of like "Pink Pie in Brooklyn"...
Great to hear from you my little Pie.
I missed you in Taillantou. Lots of foie gras and chevres unable to share with you.


where art thou pie? has library school taken over your life?

le sigh.


the pie was more present in paris! :(


you can change the layout but not update? pie, it's like you're ripping out my heart and stomping on it with a large and point black leather boot!

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