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Born: Montreal, Que., 1974

Raised: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.

Location: Brooklyn again, by way of Providence and Paris.

Horse, Bird or Muffin? Muffin.

Occupation: Pie, poet, librarian-in-training, hired gun

Things I am good at: Following recipes, staying up late, working through, remembering birthdays, forgiving, naming things, playing parlor games, losing gracefully, crying productively, sharing, making comma-delimited lists

Things I am not so good at: Closet management, keeping in touch, getting the pronoun right, waking up early, remembering names, repressing, delegating, updating, blaming, forgetting, deciding

Relationship Status: Living in same-sex sin

Also known as: hideous progeny


clean sheets, black cardigans, movies and movie stars, sweets, lipstick, communication tools, movies, pets, claire fontaine notebooks, new york school poets, freckles, fishnets, punk rock gay boys, wednesday matinees, fromage blanc, pies, comma-delimited lists