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Fascinating. I wonder if I could do that with my kids? I could see how, potentially, it could be great (like for you). But I could also see how, potentially, it could be an absolute disaster. Maybe with the 20-year-olds?


Wow, teaching is risky stuff!

I suggest you try "I never lied while playing 'I never'" next time you play with friends. I'm curious to know exactly how many people go for the bottle! 8-)


wow. i am impressed that you played that with 15 year olds. i don't think i could do that with any of my classes, even my post-bac. at least, i couldn't do that without lying. heh.


Never thought of drinking games, that could vastly expand my classroom repetoire. I'm elementary though, what age are kids allowed to start drinking in school over here?

petite anglaise

oh how it brings back memories of my lycée assistante days

'I not heat frogs' etc


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