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This is a most excellent and fun post and I don't know why no one has made a comment.

Perhaps because the only thing left to say is something very mundane like this.


PS When I babysat in college I watched Robyn Byrd after the children went to sleep on very low volume, finger hovering over the power button on the remote in case the parents came home early to the distressing sight of their Barnard babysitter watching a cheesy public access sex show. It was the most sad and amusing hour of entertainment. And she managed to stay afloat all these years...



hey yael,
confession 1: love your blog, and i look at it after hora peligrosa.
other confession: love the games for language classes. i've adapted one of them, so, to be fair, here is one:
you hide a vocabulary word in the class somewhere (either you have a prop, or you write it on a little paper)
someone leaves the class and will come back to find the word).
when they come back, the rest of the class has to say the word. (quietly if the person is far from the hiding place, more and more loudly as they approach the hiding place).

un beso, say hi to camille
constanza (marias friend, brooklyn... you know)


I second the Spinster's comment about this great entry. I particularly like the resolutely engaged yet distant tone in relation to the sicko bagel-man--I mean the way the old pervert snuck into the real and psychic spaces of your childhoos, and how you can't help feeling some kind of strange affection for the way he insinuated himself into your life. Very nice blog entry, Pie.


here here. what they said. loverly.
I hope you and C are well.



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