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oh, pie, i just hate to see such blatantly courageous self-incrimination go without an encouraging stroke or two. i'm not terribly inspired as to how to do this in a comment on your blog other than to say let's have dinner sometime this week ;.)


I think if I see your new ink in person, wilma, I'll be cured!


of course i join with la principessa in applauding your refreshing "accountability moment" (all thanks to GWB) but still something nags --

for surely it was those same wood sprites who stole my brand new cellular telephone from your apartment! and, having just been to the post office, i must add that sometimes it truly is difficult to acquire stamps!

p.s. to lulu: after a terrible injury to my ankle -- which i will not otherwise trouble your young ears and eyes about -- that prevented me from sporting the footwear of my choice for five full weeks (a span of time so long your ingenuous memory may hardly stretch across it), today i am wearing my RED SHOES and thinking of you.

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