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Oooh, pie-love.

1. Computing and hiding from the cold.

2. No. It's just going to get messed up again!

3. Everything. I'm still in the same bed, so I can tell you that EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD is under my bed. It's a mess.

4. Flannel pyjama pants year-round. T-shirts in the summer, long-sleeved pyjama tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts in the winter.

5. Um... my room. Straight ahead is a big blank wall, because in the two years since it was re-done, I haven't gotten around to decorating the walls.

Chic Tex

1. Torturing my cat
2. It makes itself... if one has a very broad mind and if tidyness is in the eye of the beholder
3. Clothes and books
4. A little nightie. Looks more like a very long tank top.
5. Mess and procrastination

hors sujet

1. Read and bitch about insomnia.

2. No.

3. Never thought that was a good place to hide things.

4. Bottom half of my pyjamas.

5. My room. Bookshelves straight ahead. Postcards on the wall.

In all fairness, I would expect the blogger to answer her own poll too ;o)



1. "Experts" say that your BED should be used only for sleeping and sex. What else do you do in BED?

I cry; I read a lot (not just before sleep fiction or fluff, but also when I am particularly tired I will read articles for school lying in bed, but generally I fall asleep in the middle of it all); sometimes I write in bed.

2. Do you make your BED every morning?

Are you fucking kidding me? The only time I make my bed is if:
a) I am trying to impress a date for some odd reason
b) The plumber is coming and I have no time to clean so I shove various things, including a dildo or two in my bed and drape the comforter over it in a panicked frenzy

And once:
c) when some high school kids came to look at my apartment as part of this project on housing and my apartment was chosen for the shower in the kitchen feature.

3. What did you keep hidden under your BED when you were a teenager?

Excellent question. And sadly I have no fascinating answer. I really don't remember; I think nothing.

4. What do you wear to BED?

-A pale blue night shirt
-Various old t-shirts

My bedwear is decidedly unglamorous. I am ashamed.

5. Describe the view from your BED.

A closet door that is frequently slightly ajar, the door to the kitchen, my dresser with my alarm clock blinking reproachfully at me, my red book case that I inherited from the Principessa with a big pile of MESS on top, the gray roman blinds.

Oooh this was fun!


*tags Mr. A -- who sometimes needs to be poked and prodded for interactivity on blogs*


Indeed! I promised myself I'd play along as soon as at least 3 readers replied. ;)

1. I do everything I can in bed - write, read, surf, drink tea. I don't smoke or eat in bed, though there are times I'd like to break that rule.

2. Yes. Miss C. insists! Also, when I lived alone in a studio, I hated seeing an unmade bed first thing, so I picked up the habit.

3. As a young pie, I hid books of shame under the bed: Anaïs Nin; Judith Krantz; Sweet Valley High; 'Changing Bodies, Changing Lives...'

4. Thermal and fleece in winter. boxer briefs and tank tops in summer. Usually wake up half stripped and tangled in sleeves and pant legs.

5. White walls. Two tall windows facing the courtyard. Mirrored closets w/suitcases above. Door to kitchen (mmm...cookies in there). Laundry basket. Sleeping girl.


Hm... lessee....

1. OK, you have to remember that the bedroom is the only room we heat in the winter, so an awful lot happens on the bed. Reading, watching tv/movies, homework, playing cards, eating dinner while watching tv.

2. I have to say USUALLY, as sometimes I can't be bothered, but when I get up early to start the day I'm less likely to fall back into bed if I make it first.

3. Along with the closet, it was the catch-all to put things when I was directed to "clean my room," so any manner of crap could be found under there.

4. PJ bottoms and t-shirts, or if it's warm in here, one of those tank top thingies with the bra built in and some panties.

5. Hm, from right to left... the closet door ajar, the clothes dryer, the tv, the door to the kitchen, the radiator, two desks with two computers, the armoire that holds my clothes, a bookcase, and a ginormous window closed and shuttered to keep out the cold.


Yeah for interactivity and the love of Pie!!

1. I'm shocked to be living my life in accordance with the experts, but the only other thing I do in bed is read before falling asleep. Sometimes a nap in the afternoon because my legs don't fit on the sofa in the living room.

2. Pretty much: though we also turn down the bed all the way to air out the sheets a bit before making it.

3. I think nothing as a teenager, though when I was a younger kid, I once had a nightmare that all the characters from Electric Company had turned evil and were hiding under my bed. It's why I couldn't get up at night, for fear that they would grab my leg.

4. Nothing at all most of the time.

5. With cheek against pillow, Titi de Paris's desk peeks out just beyond a set of stackable shelves. With back of the head on the pillow, the ceiling and the corner of the out-of-tune piano.


1. Alas, this bed has not been used for sex. The boy usually has a bigger one better suited for romps. On the other hand, it serves as my desk, dining room, den, and often bookshelf and closet.

2. Ha... u mean, after I clean my room everyday? Since my entire room consists of my bed? Naaahhh.

3. Well, I had strange beds, bedrooms, bedroommates as a teen. But when I was 18 in college, I kept my roommate down there...

4. Since I'm happily in one of the very few well-heated rooms of all France, usually nothing, or just bottoms. I feel a certain need to be always close to my unobstructed breasts.

5. Squalor: my so-called "corner kitchen", squeezed next to my tiny round table laden with unidentifiable things, a large yellow drape over my window (which promises an eiffel tower view though not from the bed), my closet that can't close, and my large green suitcase w/ a PACE flag on it.


1. Last minute homework, reading, journal writing.

2. I haven't made my BED since Grade Five.

3. As I currently am a teenager, I can tell you that a BED is a horrible, cliched place to hide things. One swift hoovering and it's all over. Notes and prophylactics are best kept elsewhere.

4. Usually a sweatshirt and pyjama pants.

5. My window looks down on a dumpster and a tree. That pretty much says it all.


oh fun!

1. Everything! I have a studio apartment so its my desk, changing area, library and computer room.

2. yes, makes studio look neater. Good trick though is I only use a bottom sheet and a feather comforter so all I do is pull the feather comforter up and the bed is made!

3. Books under the bed and tapes.

4. boxers/pj bottoms and old t-shirt

5. rest of studio apt!



fah! blogs need not be fancy!

the answers nontheless

1) i actually agree with the experts. they also say that you should get up when you can't sleep but i don't do that (i lie in bed and battle it out with the insomnia). i don't strictly adhere to this rule (some pimms were shared in the bed last night) and i enjoy sleeping in on weekends and the cat thinks this is playtime...

2) i make the bed at some point every day for the enjoyment of crawling into a made bed at night. sometimes i make the bed just before getting in.

3) i had this sneaker box of momentos or something...love letters and the like...i think it got thrown away many moons ago.

4) the boxers i wore that day and maybe the t-shirt too if it's cold. nothing if it's hot.

5) closet, dresser (featuring junk on top), bookshelves (featuring more books on top). it's never dark enough in there for me.


I dig the new look!

1) Read, talk on the phone, type away on my laptop, watch TV, craft (Hm, maybe this is why I don't sleep)

2) I only make my bed when I suspect someone might be sharing it with me later, and sometimes not even then.

3) Journal, booze, a spare phone when I was grounded that I could plug in once my mom went to bed.

4) Underpants.

5) Inside: A big mess. Outside: Projects and pigeons.


1. "experts" can do what they want in their own BEDs. my BED is my earthly queendom: all manner of vice and illicit consumption (from late night cookie to semi-recreational anti-anxiety pill) is welcome and encouraged; television, videos (G-XXX), books, magazines, and crosswords make regular appearances.

2. i make my BED pretty much every day, except (a) when i spend the day in it, and (b) when i want to spend the day in it but can't, and therefore leave in a terrible flurry of toilette and dressing/undressing. there are also days (usually they involve special guests, but sometimes i just want to treat myself like a VIP) when i give my BED the works in the form of favorite sheets, hospital corners, and a spray of perfume, but that's not the everyday manner of BEDmaking at my house.

3. when i was a teenager, i mostly slept on the floor, for reasons i can't quite reconstruct. after a while, a vagabond friend moved in with me, and she took the single BED, so what was once probably a product of self-determination took a more bullying turn. in any case, i kept most of my teenage secrets under my wicked tongue, coursing through my veins, and in my steadily diminishing cerebral cortex, but one of my pillows had a zipper, and i would wedge handfuls of condoms and a couple of love letters in the foam filling. i faced the zippered end of the pillow to the closed end of the pillow case most days; you could tell i thought things might get hot and heavy with me if you came over and saw the zipper peeking out.

4. despite the appalling recent lack of nocturnal visitors, i remain steadfast in my conviction that one should wear sleazy lingerie to BED at least five nights a week. if it's cold, i wear sleazy lingerie with sweatpants and socks. if someone (who is not going to touch or look at my breasts on purpose) is in BED watching tv with me, i wear a bra under the lingerie, and sometimes a sweatshirt on top for extra warmth and/or modesty.

5. to one side: piles of things that make me nervous like bills and unfinished books. sitting up: tv and folding screen, a basket full of more nerve-wracking papers. to the other side: all of the extra pillows, my stuffies, the bare wall. with the back of my head on the BED: the white ceiling onto which i project my most gruesome insomniac visions.


may i amend my answer to (appropriately enough) number 5? i realized in a fit of panic this morning that i forgot the most important thing.

to one side (the one with piles of things that make me nervous like bills and unfinished books): Rule Number 5, NEVER DO ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO DO BECAUSE OF THE ALLEGED SCARCITY OF TOPS.


1. Read, write.
2. I prefer to make the bed every morning, but don't always.
3. Hmmm...don't remember hiding anything as a teenager. As an ADULT, though, I hid a make-your-own-dildo kit. LOL
4. Rarely lingerie, though I enjoy it. Sometimes fleece jammies. Always end up with nothing on. (happy happy life!)
5. GEORGEOUS view of the mountains, valley and city.


nancy, you must tell us about this kit.


1. I only stray from the expert advice slightly: watching TV (but only from bed after 10 pm--that's the rule) and snickling cookies.
2. I throw the duvet over the bed every morning so that Kitty doesn't cover the sheets in furballs, but I only "make" it when I change the linens.
3. Everything good I hid was hidden behind a stack of Rolling Stones in my closet. The bed just hid shoes.
4. A t-shirt, because my shoulders always get cold, and earplugs, because I'm fussy.
5. Left: wall. Right: desk. Forward: windows that look into the next-door and very-close housing project. Northwest: my beloved TV. And if I open my eyes in the middle of the night, Kitty, trying to suck the life force out of my chest.

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