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you took the words right out of my mouth. if not jorja, then i'm going with mariska hargitay of SVU.


Both sound choices (and let's face it, Mariska is in a bootilicious league of her own), but the word 'round the campfire is it's uber MILF Lauren Graham from "Gilmore Girls."

To which I say "yum."


oooh...yeah I just read that it was a wb actress and was really puzzled. Lauren Graham, huh? MILF, indeed! I had no idea. Must bring gaydar in for a check-up.


*feeling uncool*

What the hell is MILF??? Militant Indigeneous Lesbos Forever? Mostly I Love Femmes?

Anyway, the gay celeb excitement of the year for me was not only finding out that Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from "Sex and the City") had come out, but that her girlfriend (who used to own Rising Cafe) is friends with my best friend's girlfriend and that the four of them had been hanging out for nearly a year in utter secrecy! I was betrayed by my best friend in the name of Hollywood!


PS Mariska Hargitay is hot!


for the spinster:
MILF = mom (or mother) i'd like to...
and yes: yum!

i am terribly disappointed by the pie's update. say it ain't so.


Wow. Had no idea about Cynthia Nixon. Now I feel better about her breaking up with the man she was with, cuz I used to think her reason for not marrying him ("We love each other too much for that") was the wisest thing I've heard any female part of a couple say, ever. So, ironically, now I can believe again. Ha.


Ahhh, thanks pope! I like my versions better though...

Here Kavita:


awww, I hope Jorja (CSI) isn't gay. I mean, even if she looks quite boyish I hope she's not. I know that I'm probably only saying that because of the role she plays in CSI and as I want Sara to end up with Gil, I also hope that the actress would be hetero (I know it doesn't really make sense).
What I'm wondering is why all those actresses sudenly turn up gay ??? I shouldn't mind because it's more men available, even though it doesn't really matter as they're in Hollywood and I ain't.
Well, where do you get all those info on people's sexuality ? (not that I am interested to go and see and I think one's sexual preferences should stay private. Who needs to know ?


Cindy, okay, here's a little Sexuality & Politics 101 lesson:
a) Some women might be lesbians and not look boyish - this is also known as “gender is not the same thing as sexuality.” Example: the pie is “girly-looking” and yet she is a lesbian.
b) The sexual orientation of an actress has usually nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the character she plays. This is also known as “acting.” Example: Rock Hudson.
c) And perhaps most important, sexuality is never ever private, especially in Hollywood. If it were indeed private, we wouldn’t have to hear about Jen and Brad’s break-up, or about J. Lo’s marriage. If what you’re trying to say is that the homosexuality of people should remain “private” (we prefer to call this “closeted”) then that’s called homophobia.
Just so you know why we always “need to know.”


1) I am not homophobiac. One of my best friends is gay and a few years ago I used to hang out with 3 lesbiens. So there's nothing wrong with me. Homosexuals don't bother me at all.
2) I know that it's not because you look boyish that you're a lesbien. For example I used to look quite boyish with my short hair (I have now long hair) and still I was hetero.
3)I get the thing about acting. I just tend to identify the actors with their character but that's just because I'm used to see them in the same serie...
4) When I say that people's sexuality should stay private I mean everyone's sexuality, wether you're gay or not. Personaly I don't give a damn about people's sexual preferences. It's their buisness not mine. So I don't wanna know if my friends are homo or hetero, and I on't need them to know what I am.

Hope you properly understand me this time. I don't care about what people are doing. As far as I am concerned I don't see anything wrong with homo getting married.... They're human beings like everybody else and that's what matters


Look, of course it would be great if everyone’s sexuality was private, gay or not, but that has never been the case, and it will most likely never happen. Sexuality is just too important to the social order to let it be “private.”
Just looking at your blog I see that you talked about the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla – now, shouldn’t THAT be private also? So why discuss it in your blog? Or I see that you mention that that soccer player (or whatever he is) Christiano Ronaldo is cute – aren’t you, as such, establishing *publicly* your heterosexuality? And why do we need to know? Why don’t you keep that private?
My point is not that you should not discuss any of this – of course, it’s part of every day talk, but just please don’t ask that homos keep their love lives or their sexual orientation “private.” That request IS homophobic, whether you have gay friends or not.
Speculating over the fact that Marcia Cross might be with Jorga Fox is exactly on the same level as mentioning that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are together (and this, I’m assuming, does not make you lose sleep, right?). That’s all.


Don't worry I do not loose sleep over thinking that Marcia Cross might be with Jorga Fox, I don't even think about it, and don't think about anyone's relationship's anyway.
And once again I am not homophobic.
And on my blog, true, I do discuss stuff like Charles and Camilla (that's because I'm interested in whatever happens in England and the Royal family), and yes that soccer player is really cute. But there could also be something about Julia Roberts, who's I think one of the most beautiful actress, and it wouldn't mean I'm a lesbien.
Anyway, I'll still come reading this blog once in a while, and won't make any comments about homosexuality.
Your arguments are good and I agree with them. In a perfect ,world we wouldn't know people's sexuality but we're not in a perfect world.


MILF = Making Internet Lesbians Fume

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