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Dude, I just saw that about the burrito of mass destruction. More like burrito of intestinal destruction.

Yeah, I said "dude." I really need to stop that. *sigh*

Glad you're back, even if it's in little doses. :)



I am your now -not-so-secret International Blog Exchange person I sent you a package ages ago and was wondering if it ever got to you. I sent it mid-March. I hope you did get it and you enjoyed it. Best wishes.


STACEY! I got your package about 2 weeks ago and promptly sent an email to your gmail account thanking you profusely for it and telling you how it arrived at the very moment my hormones wished for it. I am eating skippy "tartines" every day for breakfast. I wanted to take pictures of all the loot for the blog, but - well - I shared some of it with my students and...it's almost all gone now.

I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get my email. perhaps I mistyped the address... I really was ecstatic to receive the package and wanted you to know it really made my day.

Thank you!


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