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good to hear from you. we can't wait over here to have you guys back in new york (state... ugh) good luck finding digs... i'm keeping my ears to the ground but naturally have few connections in the city...


It will be lovely to have you in any old corner of Brooklyn.

the one who still lives in Manhattan but ends up in BK all the damn time...


standing invitation for without a trace, chinese, and pepsi one hereby extended! i'm going to peel my eyeballs wide for any openings in the nabe. one excellent sublet opportunity comes to mind, but i need to discuss with the procrastinator.


hmm, I must have left a comment here before at some point, because my info is all there in the little boxes, but it feels like I haven't and I just wanted to say that i like your blog. Hope you'll keep writing as the pie in brooklyn.



I didn't find your email address on your blog so I decided to post a comment to your latest post. My name is Julien. I am building a new website for expatriates, and will be the webmaster of www.expat-blog.com. In the last three years I have spent a lot of time travelling and living away from my home country, hence me setting up www.expat-blog.com.

I had the idea to create a blog so I could share my experiences of living abroad and keep in touch with my family and friends. While reading other expatriate blogs the idea came to me to create a classified expat blog directory. This would include a free blog hosting platform with interesting features such as picture albums designed specifically for expatriates. I do not believe this would be in competition with existing blog platforms such as blogger.

The website is still in working progress. The present situation is as follows:
> The expatriate blog directory, including a classification per country and language - I am working on this at the present time
> The free Blog platform – this section will be completed by the middle of June.
> An Expat resource directory - this will include all expatriate suggestions.
> A forum designed to encourage interactivity and questions/answers from expatriate to expatriate

This is the global presentation of the website. Do you think my project is a good idea?

Would you like to add your blog in the expatriate blog directory?

I look forward to hearing from you



I know some girls who say they "nanny" rather than babysit. Same thing, but somehow sounds better.


We're heading back to Brooklyn this summer. If you end up in Carroll Gardens, let me know--maybe we'll run into each other at the Fall Cafe or Pastosa Ravioli.



I stumbled onto your blog via Gridskipper and I've enjoyed reading it. I'm going to be in Paris from May 26-June 2 with a friend and we're looking for some fun gay things to do. BUT: we booked an apartment off craigslist, and the woman just emailed us to say it's become unavailable. Now we're desperate for housing at the last minute. It's a long shot but I thought I'd ask if you know of anyone with housing available in the 300-350 euro/week range. We're both fun and respectful and speak French.



Alex likes to say "tracteur" a lot too. I've just checked out "Thomas the tank engine", and it looks pretty neat. There's a website that has 'fun activities' and I guess I'll have Alex try it out because I'm so tired of elmosworld.com...

Thanks for the tip :)

Le Piou

Hey, about the "who cares who cares who cares": just remember you're supposed to write for you not for us...
Nice blog by the way. ;-)

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