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this seems as appropriate a place as any to say: love that hot new photo! no wonder guys with beards are giving you roses!

Mr. A

agreed. a "to bring you my love" reference? (check out the cover). the pie is so cross-referential, as every librarian-to-be ought to be.


Actually, I believe it's better than that, it's cross-cross-cross-referential: the pie took it from PJ:


who took it from John:


who took it from Arthur:


and there you go, our librarian is back to literature :)


Indeed, boys. Also, I'm pretty sure Arthur took it from Will ;)

"And there is pansies. That's for thoughts." IV:v


You're so right. I always get my 19th century wrong :)


HEY! Just started reading your blog while browsing links from Zach's page (because that's my new favorite thing to do on a Friday night...what?). I was in Grenoble with Zach, not sure how you guys know each other but anyways, your page is great and I aspire to observe life as astutetly as you!

Vim Cortez

Hi there
New print fanzine Paris Bitter Hearts Pit is calling for submissions: poetry, flash fiction, short non fiction, art. We're looking for the experimental, the unusual, the non standard, the unreservedly modern.

Subs (under 300 words) to be sent to [email protected]
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Couple in Paris

Hope you haven't forgotten us. You haven't answered our emails. Is it too late to talk about the French CDROM?

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