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welcome back, pie...it's good to have you back.

miss p

oh, finally. it's so nice to see you here.
as you know, and lucky for me, i get to be with you on t-day, pie!

i said that just to make everyone else turn green!


and green i am, miss p, especially because i had some of that bird stuffed to the wazoo with yuminess last year, and because as of yet i have no thanksgiving plans.


Hey beautiful! You're back! :)

As luck would have it, me and the Frenchman are going to Paris to eat turkey with other ex-pats. I think I'd rather be back home for T-Day tho.


I still cannot believe this picture! how is it possibly for a turkey to have such an indecent butt??


PIE! so glad you're back.
it's getting c-o-l-d up here in new england, but things are well. i'll be in the city dec 9-11th...we should maybe have a drink.


That's a callipygian dinde if I ever saw one. Doing the whole study abroad in Paris for the year thing, and having a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal over at the Brasserie Fernand after walking looking at pastry porn in various boulangerie displays. Perhaps I will go to Thanksgiving and buy myself a can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, for nostalgia's sake, in memory of pre-vegetarian Thanksgiving dinners at home featuring dinde stuffed with kimchi... (very very good, incidentally)


The Park Slope co-op! Our New Yorker friend took us there just so we could see it. He's a sweetie. I want a co-op like that here in Copenhagen.

miss p

well, i think it's time to post some of yesterday's porn!

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