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You don't have to win me back as reader: even though I don't comment very often I keep reading to know what you and C are up to. Ready to participate in anything you want.

As for the picture by my window, you would only get a facing wall. So much for the weather. I'll take a camera out with me tomorrow and see what I can do. Or you could check my blog, there's a picture update from a webcam at the top of the sidebar on the right.

Hi to C.


urban landscape, parking lot, baseball field. I watched you, me and everybody recently too and it made me feel weird too! Like I couldn't look my own self in the eye but couldn't articulate why. I do agree though that the pooping back and forth thing was so hilarious that it still brings a smile to my face. Actually, I think its the commentary on how connected and close we are in terms of proximity and technology but how very far apart we are in our day to day realities that made me most queasy.



Well, you can't lose me, as much as you might like to!

I still havent replaced the camera I broke (but we're supposed to buy ourselves one for Christmas), but I can tell you what I see. We live in a narrow lane, and the little house across the road is being completely refurbished. Looks like they're installing the windows and insulation. The weather is still crap - it has warmed up so we don't have snow, just dark clouds and cold rain. Sounds lovely, no? :)

formerly known as

I'm right here. :)

formerly known as

Um, and that would be she who was affectionately known as the Spinster!

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